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Fluke 88V / V Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit

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Fluke 88V / V Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit FLUKE Digital Multimeter Fluke 88V / V Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit FLUKE Digital Multimeter Fluke 88V / V Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit FLUKE Digital Multimeter

Technical Specifications
Maximum Voltage:  1000V
Accuracy:  Fluke 88 V: ±(0.1%+1)
Best Resolution:  Fluke 88 V: 0.01 mV
Maximum Voltage:  1000V
Accuracy:  Fluke 88 V: ±(0.5%+2)
AC Bandwidth:  Fluke 88 V: 5kHz
Best Resolution:  0.01 mV
DC Current
Maximum Amps:  10A
Amps Accuracy:  Fluke 88 V: ±(0.4%+2)
Best Resolution:  Fluke 88 V: 0.001 mA
AC Current
Maximum Amps:  10A
Amps Accuracy:  Fluke 88 V: ±(1.2%+2)
Best Resolution:  0.001 mA
Maximum Resistance:  50 MΩ
Accuracy:  Fluke 88 V: ±(0.4%+1)
Best Resolution:  0.1Ω
Maximum Capacitance:  9,999 µF
Accuracy:  ±(1%+2)
Best Resolution:  0.01 nF
Maximum Frequency:  200 KHz
Accuracy:  ±(0.005%+1)
Best Resolution:  0.01 Hz
Duty Cycle
Maximum Duty Cycle:  99.9 %
Accuracy:  within 2% per KHz +0.1%
Best Resolution:  0.1 %
Temperature Measurement
   -200.0°C - 1090°C
   -328.0°F - 1994.0°F, 1.0% excluding probe
80 BK Temperature Probe
   -40 °C - 260 °C
   -40 °F - 500 °F, 2.2 °C or 2% whichever is greater
Maximum Conductance:  60.00 nS
Accuracy:  ±(1.0%+10)
Maximum Resolution:  0.01 nS
Operating Range
Operating Temperature:  -20 °C - 55 °C
Storage Temperature:  -40 °C - 60 °C
   5.2 cm x 9.8cm x 20.1 cm (2.06” x 3.86” x 7.93”)
   624 g (22 oz.)
Included Accessories
88V/A AUTOMOTIVE KIT;  88V, TL224 silicone test leads, AC285 long reach alligator clips, TP220 test probes, RPM 80 inductive RPM pick-up, magnet and strap, 80BK temperature probe, two automotive backprobe pins, insulation piercing probe, C800 durable carrying case, holster, 9V battery (installed), Getting Started Manual, and CD with detailed manual.

Model Name Description
Fluke 88V/A Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit


  • 88V
  • TL224 silicone test leads
  • AC285 long reach alligator clips
  • TP220 test probes
  • RPM 80 inductive RPM
  • TPAK ToolPak™ Magnetic Meter Hanging Kit
  • 80BK temperature probe
  • two automotive backprobe pins
  • insulation piercing probe
  • C800 durable carrying case
  • holster
  • 9V battery (installed
  • Getting Started Manual
  • CD with detailed manual


BP980 BP980 Double Banana Plug Kit
TP81 TP81 Insulation Piercing Clip Set
TP82 TP82 Insulation Piercing Clip Set

Test Probes
TP220 TP220 SureGrip™ Industrial Test Probes
TP40 TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)
TP88 TP88 Rigid Back Probe Pins
TP920 TP920 Test Probe Adapter Kit

BP880 BP880 BNC to Female Double Stacking Banana Plug
RPM80 RPM80 Inductive Pick-Up/External Trigger
TL82 TL82 Automotive Pin & Socket Adapter Set
TLK281 TLK281 SureGrip™ Automotive Test Lead Kit
TLK282 TLK282 SureGrip™ Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit

Cases and Holsters
C1600 C1600 Gear Box for Meter and Accessories
C550 C550 Tool Bag
C800 C800 Meter and Accessory Case
C25 C25 Large Soft Case for DMMs
CAMO-C25 Camouflage Carrying Case
Fluke MeterCleaner Wipes Fluke MeterCleaner Wipes

Current Clamps
80i-110s 80i-110s AC/DC Current Clamp
i1010 i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp
Fluke i410 AC/DC Current Clamp

L210 L210 Probe Light Kit

PV350 PV350 Pressure Vacuum Module

80AK-A 80AK Thermocouple Adapter
80PK-25 80PK-25 SureGrip™ Piercing Temperature Probe
80PK-22 80PK-22 SureGrip™ Immersion Temperature Probe
80PK-3A 80PK-3A Surface Probe

Test Leads

SureGrip™ Industrial Test Lead Set includes:

  • AC220 SureGrip™ Alligator Clip Set
  • TP220 SureGrip™ Industrial Test Probe Set
  • TL224 SureGrip™ Silicone Test Lead Set (straight to right)
  • One year warranty
TL81A TL81A Deluxe ElectronicTest Lead Kit
H900 H900 Test Lead Holder
TL221 TL221 SureGripTM Test Lead Extension Kit
TL225 TL225 SureGrip™ Stray Voltage Adapter Test Lead Kit
TL238 TL238 SureGrip™ Test Lead Set for High Energy Environments
TL26A TL26A 60 in. 5-Way Test Lead Set
TL28A TL28A Automotive Test Lead Set
TL40 TL40 Retractable Tip Test Lead Set
TL75 TL75 Hard Point™ Test Lead Set


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